Download Movie Box for iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 iPhone, iPad with or without jailbreak

My dear iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 users, you are in the right place to get awesome movie app for your device. We have updated this tutorial & really guide you how to download & install Movie Box for your device using all possible ways. With new jailbreak released, iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 users also are able to install MovieBox app without jailbreak as well as with jailbreak your iPhone & iPad devices. Do you want to download Movie Box for your device? Yes, follow me & get it right now..!

If you are new to this app, Movie Box is best ever media entertaining app for Apple iOS devices. With MovieBox app, you can watch and download any Movie, TV show or Music Video directly on your device for free in HD quality. It is available, MovieBox for iPhone and MovieBox for iPad as iOS devices. iPod users are unable to download this app at this moment. Not only iOS users, Movie Box for Android and Movie Box for PC also available to download.

How to install MovieBox for iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 iPhone, iPad ?

The best way is, install Movie Box using Cydia with jailbreak your iOS device. The new jailbreak is now available compatible with your iOS version. So we strongly recommend to install MovieBox app for your iOS 9.3, 9.3.1 device with jailbreak because the app is more stable & powerful on jailbroken devices rather than non-jailbroken devices. Also there are few additional features available to Movie Box in Cydia store with jailbreak like MovieBox Updater and  MovieBox Enhancer

Already jailbroken users – How to install Movie Box for iPhone, iPad?

Un-jailbroken users – Follow Jailbreak Guide to install Cydia for your device

How to install MovieBox for iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 without jailbreak ?

Can install Movie box for iPhone, iPad without jailbreak? Yes, definitely. It is not essential to jailbreak your device to install this app. That’s mean, It is possible to install Movie Box with jailbreak and Movie Box without jailbreak as well.

There are several methods to download Movie Box for unjailbroken devices. So, we have made few ultimate guides for our fans to install Movie Box for their devices without need jailbreak. Just follow me & get this amazing application for your device right now for free

Important : We have tested all methods on few devices running iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 and works. But, some method(s) may not supports to download MovieBox for your device. However, at least one method should works for you. Please let us to know your response in the comment section, we always ready to support you.

Method 1 :
Method 2 :
Method 3 :
Method 4 :
Method 5 :
Method 6 :
Method 7 :

Please Note : Movie Box is 100% free application to use for all iOS, Android, PC & Mac users. But, some websites and services are charging from users to download MovieBox app. Please do not make any kind of payments for this freeware.

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33 comments on “Download Movie Box for iOS 9.3 / 9.3.1 iPhone, iPad with or without jailbreak
  1. Cristal says:

    My movie mix has a processing signed for like 10 days it won’t go away when I closed it it won’t let me watch nothing it says video unavailable

  2. Jhon says:

    Movie box stuck on processing any solution

  3. Jj says:

    I tried all methods nothing worked

  4. Alec says:

    I’ve upgraded to 9.3.3 can I download app?

  5. Tariq says:

    I don’t get the option to download movies within the app

  6. Joe shmoe says:

    Using 9.3.4. Any ideas? Tried a bunch of methods and nothing works. I can’t even in tall vshare.

    Thanks, Joe.

  7. Novay says:

    I downloaded vshare & moviebox to my iPhone. How can I get it to stream movies to my chrome cast??

  8. Zara says:

    Hi what about version 9.3.5 – I tried zestia … It asked for pin code … Then installed another app as an extention and once installed found movie box but wont install… Oh and pops up that my iphone is infected with a virus …??

  9. Jade Helena says:

    Hi the moviebox app doesn’t seem to be in the mojo app

  10. Jarely says:

    Fuk this shit

  11. Johan says:

    Can’t let me download got iPhone

  12. Sourav says:

    My moviebox was working till morning but now the app is not opening… Telling that app is not verified…. I went again to verify in profile but it is not getting verified.
    I use ios 9.3

  13. wwian says:

    THIS WORKS! Thank you!!! Completed install using windows 10, iphone 6s, ios 9.3.3

  14. Laura says:

    Hey, if worked but the icon for moviebox is just a black box? Any idea why? Thanks

  15. Lars Bo says:

    Why have you removed the dates in the Updates folder? now you can’t see when the different shows has been updated with an episode?? ☹️

  16. Unknown says:

    Stop posting comments if is not helpful

  17. Andrew Garfield says:

    Why is there no 2017 movies in movie box for iOS 9.3.5? Is there any updates that I should be aware of ?

  18. Electricpinet says:

    Have you tried allavsoft? It is good to download Videos from Movie Box.

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