Privacy Policy is only tutorial based developed website. Our website only used for your knowledge purpose. We do not have any product, Also we are not selling/promoting any pirated/malware product/service. This is only for application review and guided website for users. We like to share our experience & knowledge with our loving users. We have hundreds of daily users & we like too give solution for our loving users. all content are free for users. This website is not selling/affiliating any Product/Service. We are not developers, So we do not have any development application. All of our tutorial applications logos & trade marks are owned by respective developers/companies. We are not owned any logos or trade marks.

We are not recommend to install third party apps. However we can write about third party apps. We are only recommended Play Store & App store applications for all our loving users. Please download only trusted applications for your device, because un-trusted sources will give bad effect for you.

Purpose of

This website developed for users who do  not have proper knowledge about application installation & use. Also we are discussing errors happened with application. We like to discuss troubleshooting in the applications. Our team has application specialists & they are willing to help our loving users.

Your information & why ?

We are collecting users information only for user satisfaction. We are using Google webmaster tools & Google Analytics to monitor our users. We need to give quality service for our loving users. We are only collecting your name & email address if necessary, We are not sharing these information with third party websites.

We are not collecting your personal information like credit card numbers etc. Please  do not share your privacy personal information with any website.

Data We are collected ?

We are collecting only following information from you. If any matter regarding this website, Please contact us..

  • Email address
  • User name
  • Website

Our team ready to help most of the questions happened with our listed applications. Please comment/email us with your questions. We will reply within 48 hours. We are stick with the spam comments and questions. We are not approve any unwanted comment done by you. So please do not go to spam our website.

Outside links from this website

Perhaps we have given out links to give proper solution for our users. These links are included App Store/Play Store/ Third party websites links. We have given these links only for user satisfaction. We are not promote/distribute any application. We are unable to take any responsibility for out links. Please follow out links website policies if you have any matter.

Third party Advertisement

This moment we are not using any advertising programs with this website.

Cookies Data

We are not using Cookies to Tracking data.

How we are protecting your information ?

This is not commercial based website. We are not collecting & keeping your information as database. If you found any illegal information distribution, Please contact us immediately.

Use of information

We are using your data for following purpose.

  • We like to notify users about application update
  • We are notifying users about applications features.
  • We like to discuss trouble shooting problems.
  • Identify problems & give solution for users


We are updating privacy policy to give better service for users. Please follow these policies, If you have any question with this website. Please use this blog as for your knowledge purpose.

Last Updated : 07/11/2020

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