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About movie-box-app.com

This blog is maintain and developing since 2015. movie-box-app.com is only educational tutorial website developed by our team. This website contained tutorial guides about applications. We are concern with apps and third party applications.

movie-box-app.com Blog guides mainly included guide about Play Store & App store applications. These guides are released after sequence of experiments and testing.

We are not introducing pirated or scams applications for users. We need to protect our valuable users from these applications. So our guided tutorials will help to all users to find best solution for their devices.

We are not promoting/distributing illegal or pirated applications. Also we are highly concern with malware apps & our website all blog post included best applications for users. If you found any malware app in our post, Please comment or message us with the downloaded team. We are highly strict with malware product & we are using Google webmaster tools to manage our website.

We are not developers, This movie-box-app.com website not owned any logo or trade marks. This website guided tutorial apps are contained logos. All logos & trade marks are owned by their development team or companies.

movie-box-app.com is not hosted any applications & addons. This website users need to access this site under our privacy policy. Our external links website contained their privacy policy. Please follow their policies if you have any error with our links.

This website is not affiliated or selling any Product or service. We are not joined or promoting any application or website. We are not colleting your personal information like credit card information. We are concern with free applications & most of our guided articles are not included paid apps.

We are strongly recommend for users only use Play Store or App store applications for your device. Because other third party apps will cause bad result for you. If you found any error/copyrighted material in this website, Please contact us with [email protected].

If you found any bad or broken link this website, Please message to us. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks for our users join with us within five years.

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