MovieBox Error “No available for online watch” Fix !

As you may know, Moviebox is the No#1 ranked mobile application for watch / download movies with your smart device like iPhone, iPad & Android devices. At the moment, this app is using millions of usersĀ  all around the world. However, some peoples have been struggled with Moviebox app, because movies are No available for online watch. You also faced error like this? Here’s the fix for that Moviebox error you are getting these days..


What is “No available for online watch” Moviebox error ?

When your select a movie to watch on your iPhone or iPad with Moviebox app, there’s no option for steaming (watch online) and displays a massage “No available for online watch“. So you only available the option to download the movie via torrent and watch later. What is the reason for? This is because the Moviebox app developers have shut down the streaming servers for some locations. So if you get the error “No Available For Online Watch” means that the server is no longer available in your area/region

How to fix “No Available For Online Watch” Moviebox error ?

Fortunately, there’s a fix for this Movieox error. To fix this just you need to use a VPN & change your location to supported area. Just it, now you can streaming again with Moviebox. First, close Moviebox from multitasking. Then, set your location to US by using any vpn sevice. Now , open Moviebox app you will see “Watch” button again.

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