Download Movie Box app for iOS 9.3.2 iPhone, iPad With & without jailbreak

Are you iOS 9.3.2 user? Yes, we have great news for you. Your favorites movie application, the Movie Box app is now compatible to download with or without jailbreak your device as well. Here we happy to introduce all possible methods to install MovieBox for your iPhone & iPad without any matter.


Didn’t you heard about this great application? MovieBox is best ever video streaming app for Apple iOS devices. Using Movie Box app, you can watch and download Movies, TV shows directly on your device for Free. Here we going to download MovieBox for iPhone and MovieBox for iPad devices only (iPod users are unable to download this app at this moment), but this app is available to download for other platforms such as Android, Windows PC and Mac as well.

How to install MovieBox for iOS 9.3.2 iPhone, iPad

The best way to download & install Movie Box for any iOS device is jailbreak method. The new jailbreak is now available for iOS 9.3.2. So we recommend to install MovieBox app for your iOS 9.3.2 device with jailbreak because the app is more stable & powerful on jailbroken devices rather than non-jailbroken devices. Also there are few additional features available to Movie Box in Cydia store with jailbreak like MovieBox Updater and  MovieBox Enhancer

Already jailbroken users – How to install Movie Box for iPhone, iPad?

Un-jailbroken users – Follow Cydia guide to jailbreak your device

How to install MovieBox for iOS 9.3.2 without jailbreak ?

Can install Movie box for iOS 9.3.2 without jailbreak? Yes, definitely you can install this app for your device with No Jailbreak. It is possible to install Movie Box with jailbreak and Movie Box without jailbreak as well.

There are several methods to download Movie Box for unjailbroken devices. We have tested following methods  on iOS 9.3.2 to install Movie Box for iPhone & iPad & works fine. So, we recommend one of the following method for iOS 9.3.2 users to get Movie Box for your iPhone / iPad devices without any doubt.

Method 1 :
Method 2 :
Method 3 :
Method 4 :
Method 5 :
Method 6 :
Method 7 :
Method 8 :

Please Note – iOS 9.3.2 users : Movie Box is 100% free application to use for all iOS, Android, PC & Mac users. But, some websites and services are charging from users to download MovieBox app. Please do not make any kind of payments for this freeware. provides full support & guides to download & install Movie Box iOS 9.3.2 user also for FREE. Follow us & get this amazing app for your device without loosing your money..

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  1. I’ve tried every single method and none of them work. I’ve done the date tricks as well. All of the recommended app markets say that it’s unable to download. I’m on iOS 9.3.2

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