How To Install Movie Box iOS 10.3.2 – 7.1.2 iPhone iPad using Zestia ? – No jailbreak No Computer

How To Install Movie Box iOS 10.3.2 – 7.1.2 iPhone iPad using Zestia ? – No jailbreak No Computer

Most of the Apple users have now installed iOS 10 for their iDevices. However, can download your favorites applications like Movie Box for iOS 10 running devices without jailbreak ? Yes, I’ll show you a good method. Follow me, this is how to install MovieBox app for iPhone, iPad running iOS 10.3.2 – 7.1.2 using Zestia installer with No jailbreak, No computer.MovieBox is well known movie stream / download app for iOS devices such as iPhone & iPad. Movie Box offers the latest movies, TV shows, trailers, news for free so, you can watch or download directly on your device without any limitations. MovieBox for Android, MovieBox for PC app also available to other platforms.

What is MovieBox ++ ?

This is the modified Movie Box application. It contains all feature of original Movie Box app in addition No more Ads. You can simply say MovieBox++ is MovieBox without ads. So, if you unlike display ads on Movie Box app, the solution is download & install MovieBox ++ with your iPhone & iPad.

MovieBox ++ Features

  • Movie Box No Ads
  • Support iPhone & iPad iOS 7.2.1 – 10.3.1
  • Compatible with Jailbroken & Non-jailbroken devices
  • Can install without computer
  • With all original features

So, here we ready to teach you one of the reliable way of install MovieBox app for your iPhone & iPad device. This method really works on latest firmware such as iOS 10.3.1, 10.3, 10.2.1, 10.2, 10.1.1, 10.1, 10.0.3, 10.0.2, 10.0.1, 9.3.5, 9.3.4 with No jailbreak need. Also you No need a computer to follow this method to get MovieBox app. Just go through the instructions are given in order to download & install Movie Box for your device.

Compatible devices for install Movie Box using this method

The following iPhone & iPad devices are compatible with download & install MovieBox using Zestia installer. Such as..

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, 6/6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5 and 4S
  • iPad (New), iPad Pro 9.7-inch/12.9-inch , Air 2, Air, 4G, 3G & 2
  • iPad Mini 4, Mini 3, Mini 2, Mini

iOS versions compatibility

  • iOS 10.3.2
  • iOS 10.3.1
  • iOS 10.3
  • iOS 10.2.1
  • iOS 10.2
  • iOS 10.1.1 / 10.1
  • iOS 10.0.2 / 10.0.1
  • iOS 9.3.5 / 9.3.4
  • iOS 9.3.3 – 9.2
  • iOS 9.1 – 9.0
  • iOS 8.4.1
  • iOS 8.4 – 8.0
  • iOS 7.1.2

How to install Movie Box using Zestia ? [iOS 10.3.2 – 7.1.2 No jailbreak]

These are the instruction to download & install MovieBox app for iPhone, iPad using Zestia Installer. We tried this method on most of the iOS 10 & 9 running devices and worked good. Using this method, you will be able to install latest version of Movie Box app (MovieBox ++) for your iPhone, iPad without need jailbreak. Just follow instructions bellow..

Step 01:
Visit this link with your device’s Safari browser – and click on black button

Step 02:
Click “Install Zestia” –> “Install

Step 03:

Tap on “Install” –> “Install

Step 04:

Tap “Done” to finish Zestia installation. Then press Home Button, you will find a new Zestia icon on your Home screen. Tap on it to open.

Step 05:

Select Application tab (second tab) in the bottom of the screen –> Select “Free Tweaks

Step 06:

Select “MovieBox++” –> “Install“. Then, it will begin the download & install MovieBox on your device.

Step 07:

That’s it, press Home Button and you can see Movie Box app is installing on your device. Wait & see until complete the installation process. Finally, you can see MovieBox ++ icon on your Home screen. Before use MovieBox app, you should verify the enterprise developer as in the Step 08.

Step 08:

launch “Settings” app -> tap on “General” -> “Profiles & Device Management“. Then select the name of the developer associated with MovieBox app under Enterprise Apps section & trust. 8

That’s all. Now you can use MovieBox app on your iPhone / iPad. Just launch the app & enjoy with your favorites Movie, TV-Show for free..

You also can follow video guide in the YouTube..

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  1. Great info. I installed my moviebox with zestia. Was having problems with vshare. currently using ios 10 beta.

  2. i’m using ios 10 beta 3 and every time i try downloading movie box, it “could not be installed at this time”. i’ve tried the date trick but to no avail.

  3. hi trying everything still aint working for me am on ios 9.3.4 tried zestia movebox download keeps failing for some reason and also tried vshare but that keeps going back to the main page telling me to download again getting abit fed up now please someone help

    • Zestia Crystal Applications are not yet updated. Please wait few hours or follow another method to install Movie Box for your device.

  4. Installed and verified fine but when I try install an app like movie box it takes me to the App Store to download a casino app, tried many many many times and it does the same thing! Need help!

  5. Hi! I am trying to download it on ios10 from India but I am getting this error message

    Please help

  6. I have IOS 10 I pad Air 2 pressed install movie box and movie box hasn’t come up. I’ve tried like 10 times. Movie box won’t install. Help me!!

  7. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You‼️ It’s unbelievable how simple this was‼️ I have had so many problems trying to get Movie Box. I tried this route after 2 other attempts failed. I can’t wait to watch my first movie‼️

  8. Hi, the installation process was great, great app thank you very much! The only thing is that there is no image on the app icon, just a black icon! Can you help me on solving the issue? Thank you!

  9. Hi, I’m trying to use the above method to install moviebox on Ios 10.2 and it gets to about 75% and says it cannot be installed this time or “unable to download item”, any tips on how to fix this? Many thanks

  10. Hi I’m trying to download moviebox for my iPhone 7 plus and I can’t get it to work, can you help


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