Movie Box updated to version 3.6.6 – How to download & install for iPhone, iPad ?

MovieBox has been updated to version 3.6.6. with bug fixes. Now you can download & install latest version of Movie Box app for your iPhone / iPad with or without jailbreak.Untitled-245Are you new to MovieBox app ? This is the best freeware application for your smart device to watch / download any movie or TV-show for free. Movie Box supports to download & install on several platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

This update – Movie Box 3.6.6 has fixed the issue that app crashed at load screen. Some users had complained about this issue in MovieBox 3.6.5 previous version.

Download Movie Box 3.6.6 with or without jailbreak

The latest version, MovieBox 3.6.6 available in dtathemes repo as well as vShare market. Jailbroken user can install Movie Box 3.6.6 with Cydia.

Download Movie Box for jailbroken devices – More information..

Are you unjailbroken user (iOS 9.2 –10 ) ? Follow bellow link to download MovieBox 3.6.6 for your iPhone / iPad using vShare without jailbreak

How to download & install Movie Box 3.6.6 without jailbreak – Follow vShare method

MovieBox previous versions
  • Movie Box 3.6.5
    • Add more content to server 3 and torrents.
    • Fixed bug in previous version
  • Movie Box 3.6.4
    • Fixed issue stuck on loading
  • Movie Box 3.6.3
    • Add back server 3
    • Add old content watchable
  • Movie Box 3.6.2
    • Server 1 removed
  • Movie Box 3.6
    • Add new sections “News” & “Trailers”
    • “Music Video” section temporarily removed
    • Improvements when downloading torrents

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  1. There IS NOT Movie Box on Mojo under “packages”. I did a search and the screen remained blank. This is very frustrating. I’ve spent several hours trying to download Movie Box to my ipad air 9.4.3. Wished i would have bought a Samsung!

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